Extending your veterinary healthcare service

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What we do

Vet Clinic Companion provides products and services that allow your veterinary practice to extend its healthcare services.

Our services provide constant two-way clinic-to-client communication.

Invest in useful, modern, relatable technology that is client-centric.

Your clients spend less than 1% of their time at the vets

Time clients spend with their animals

Current investment on healthcare service

Investing in the off-site healthcare service your veterinary practice provides increases client loyalty revenue generation.

  • Extending your healthcare service improves client experience and loyalty.

Existing customers spend
67% more
than new customers

Customers spend
17% more
for excellent service

Our Solutions

Vet Clinic Companion Digital Solutions 

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VCC Written Content

VCC provides you with professionally written healthcare content.

VCC YourVet App

Our app provides constant clinic-to-client communication.

Website Design

We are a team of vets, geeks and graphic designers.

How it works?

We have made it very simple to tansition our services into your practice.

Latest News

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Latest News

Check our blog